I spoke with several journals about what the Liazon acquisition means for Towers Watson and the exchange space. This coverage pulls in opinions from across the industry as well as my highlights.

Private Health-Exchange Market Consolidates, David McCann
My highlight: “Towers Watson has plenty of good reasons for buying Liazon….The market is moving so rapidly, and there’s a sense that a tipping point is being achieved…It’s as if the music just stopped and we grabbed the last chair.”

Towers Watson expands private exchanges with $215M Liazon purchase, Jerry Geisel
My highlight: “Liazon has “the most sophisticated insurance platform by a mile in this market.”

Towers Watson’s private exchange division leader details advantages of Liazon purchase, Kathleen Koster
My highlight:
 “We want to be the leading player in private exchanges….A year and a half ago, they [Towers Watson] bought the leading retiree exchange in Extend Health. Today, they’re buying the leading active exchange technology company, Liazon….The acquisition gives Towers Watson the ability to hit the market very quickly with all the most sophisticated exchange technology out there.”

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A closer look at Liazon
BenefitView screen shot

Extend Health’s BenefitView dashboard gives employers instant, up-to-the-minute access to measures of retirees contacted, appointments completed, average call wait times, average length of calls and more

Extend Health has just launched a new tool in our suite of industry-leading exchange features. BenefitView™ is the first real-time, interactive Medicare exchange dashboard for employers.

There are a lot of moving pieces when moving to the individual market on an exchange. BenefitView gives companies transitioning to the Extend Health exchange more insight into how their retired employees are doing than ever before.

BenefitView is Extend Health’s GPS for a smooth transition, giving employers a clear view of retiree enrollment status at every point in the process. It lets us both work together more effectively to make sure no retiree is left behind. It’s like inviting employers to sit down at one of our internal monitoring stations and giving them the password to look up whatever measures they want: how many retirees have received communications, how many have made and competed appointments, how many have enrolled and how long it all took.

It’s an unprecedented level of access and transparency, and we know from employers who have come to us from other exchange platforms that it’s more than some providers know about their own process, let alone can share with employers.

Find out more about BenefitView in the HR trade publication Employee Benefit News article “Retiree Medicare exchange previews improved transparency” and on the Extend Health blog “New BenefitView Dashboard Lets Employers Track Retirees’ Medicare Enrollment Progress.See an online demo of BenefitView.